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Phonography, the second full-length Stellia album, ventures down a more organic path, featuring treated found sounds, delicate grooves and contributing artists Biddy Connor (viola, octave viola, saw), Tony Buchanan (alto flute) and Vincent Tarin (theremin). 

We are slowly releasing a series of videos for the album by the outstanding animation artist Louise Harvey, which will also be available as Dolby 5.1 videos, for an appropriately multi-sensory experience.  The first two videos are available for download on the album's Bandcamp page.

Louise's work also features exclusive remixes from Disturbed Earth.

We are also working through a series of super-extended mixes, available exclusively on our Bandcamp page.

We also feature, as a band and as separate artists, on the ongoing compilation series from the mediadogs collective. Check them out on Bandcamp and elsewhere.

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