Stellia is composers Gordon Harvey and Robin Gist, along with video developers Mark O'Brien and Mark Dickson and an array of contributing musicians.

Gordon Harvey has been a composer of ambient, electronic, chill and jazz music for several decades, from the pioneering underground band Laughing Hands through Hanging Garden, mediadogs, and his other current major project, Aquiline

Since his days with '90's pop icons Girl Overboard, Robin Gist has worked in a variety of artistic settings, as a guitarist, songwriter and arranger, and is also an award-winning audio engineer at Tone Master Productions.

The wonderful musicians who contributed to the project include flautist Tony Buchanan, drummer Daniel Farrugia, bansuri flute player Vinod Prasanna, vocalist Christine Sullivan and improvising string players Steph O'Hara, Sophie Dunn, Biddy Connor and Imogen Manins.

Many other kind and generous people gave their support to this project.  We thank Lisa Schouw, Nancy Messino, Alan Neuendorf, Tom MacGregor, Louise Harvey, Gary Kemp, Vincent Lazzara, and Dominic Messino for their invaluable contributions.


Seven Cycles

The Seven Cycles project is unique in several ways. Wishing to explore the role of music as a vehicle for calm and emotional transcendence via meditation, Gordon, after concluding that most music designed for meditation is bland and predictable, chose to explore music that could be meditated to, but could also be emotionally engaging in its own right.  Then, inspired by a concert by percussion legend David Jones, where the performers played from multiple locations around the room, Gordon explored the absorbing possibilities of music in surround format, where you truly can feel in the middle of the performance.

Robin was at the same time experimenting with adding sub-audio frequencies to ambient recordings, particularly exploring the 7Hz band.  This led to the idea of an album woven around the number 7, applying the number in various ways in the process of composition and production as a 'compositional constraint' and guide to the direction of the pieces.

The addition of video was a natural outgrowth of the use of surround audio, with its association with film, but in this case deliberately using simple, minimalist, slow-moving visuals which serve to enhance the listening experience rather than dominate it.