A unique blend of ambient, jazz, trance, alternative pop and classical music, Aquiline, led by Gordon Harvey, is its own genre and proud of it! 

Our second release, the EP Fallen Sky, is now available.  This collection of six "remixes and reimaginings" revisits debut album A Square of Sky in a variety of ways that give us the opportunity to introduce new musical terms!  Featuring remixes, from Shep, Brambles, Robin Gist and Gordon Harvey, a demix, and a premix featuring the all-too-rarely heard singer Christine Sullivan.  


Music for the slow melt of permafrost.

Stellia is the ambient project of Gordon Harvey and Robin Gist.

Album number one, Seven Cycles, is available as a CD/DVD which includes videos for all tracks and immersive Dolby 5.1 surround audio.  And in a musical WORLD FIRST (we think), the surround videos for both albums are available for download!  Once you've experienced music in surround, you'll never want to go back to the two-dimensional world of stereo!  And for a deeply meditative experience, some tracks are available in extra-long remix versions of up to an hour.